Blue-8 (in development)

8x1 hour mini-series, sci-fi, survival, drama

A diverse group of young people struggle to survive aboard an isolated generation starship in space.


Starship Blue is on the final stretch of its 92-year journey to reach a new planet.  When the crew prepares the death ceremony of the last Earth-born human aboard, the deceased’s granddaughter, a young engineer named Sophia, makes a sweeping mistake.  A poor maintenance job compromises the ship at a moment when a rebellious youth movement distracts the attention of the privileged elders of the two-tier space community.

As debris of ice asteroids destroys the starship, young explorers, led by ambitious tech-savvy rebel Jack and elite military officer Tae-Joon, escape in the starship’s 8th compartment marked Blue-8.  Isolated and adrift in space, the survivors need to rapidly come of age and overcome their rivalry in order to survive.  Given the few provisions and damaged biosphere aboard Blue-8, an epic battle of survival of the fittest ensues with the values of civilized society in question.

But, when Jack and Sophia send out a last-minute distress signal into outer space, it seems to be picked up…


Created and Written by Sang Woo Kim

Produced by Henrik Meyer

Red Cedar Films