Pandora (in development)

indie short, fantasy, drama, teen, coming of age

A young girl must find her way back when an enchanted heirloom transports her to a surreal world of magical creatures.



Pandora, a strong-minded teenage girl, discovers an enchanted heirloom in the attic of her grandmother’s cottage. Allured by the strange beauty of the red crystal embedded inside, she unknowingly activates its hidden powers and is transported to a surreal world full of magical creatures. Lost and afraid inside a mystical forest, there she meets a troubled Imp who informs her of Pan, the Forest King with the power to reactivate the device. The Imp warns however, that beyond the road to the Forest King lies three evil witches who prey on unwary travelers unfortunate enough to cross their path. Heeding his words, Pandora sets out on an journey of self-growth and discovery to face the witches and seek out the Forest King to ultimately return home safe and sound.


Produced by Dallas Harvey, Sang Woo Kim, and Patrick Wakefield

Directed by Dallas Harvey

Written by Dallas Harvey & Sang Woo Kim

Vancouver FX Studio

Concept Arts.